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May 23 2018



when your blog gets popular enough to get anon hate



Autistic NY Black teen gets lost running 5K, assaulted by a white man who’s afraid of getting mugged.



For more than two years, Clarise Coleman faithfully attended every track practice and every cross-country meet for her son, Chase.

A few weeks ago, Chase, who is a nearly nonverbal autistic child, was running in a meet in Rochester, New York, with his team from Corcoran High School - was assaulted by a stranger in the middle of a race.

Coleman was waiting for him at a part of the course where runners would come down a hill but he didn’t appear and she went looking for him. She was shouting his name and then she started to meet people who pointed in the direction of her son. One of them said:

“I see a grown man, who is quite tall and fairly heavy … exit the vehicle and give this young man a shove that puts him back 10 feet and flat on his butt. Like, just shoved him across the road. The kid didn’t seem to be doing anything but standing there, obviously had nothing in his hands and weighed all of 130 pounds. This guy was easily twice that.”

This tall white guy was a 57-year-old man named Martin MacDonald who told the police that the reason he attacked the Black kid was he thought Chase was going to mug his wife and take her purse.

“My son is a minor. [MacDonald is] a grown man,” Coleman said she told police. “He put his hands on my son. Of course I want to press charges.”

However the police was deaf and on Oct. 21, Rochester City Court Judge Caroline Morrison sent a letter to the Colemans that shocked them: 

She had denied their warrant application, and MacDonald would not be charged for second-degree harassment.

Now the autistic Black boy refused to go to practices and skipped running in his last meet of the season. He turned his running uniform in to his coach, who gently encouraged him to change his mind. Chase refused.

“We just keep telling him, ‘You didn’t do anything wrong. Chase is good. There are mean people and there are nice people and this person was just a mean person,’ ” Coleman said. “We just keep apologizing to him that happened. Especially me. I kept apologizing to him that I couldn’t keep him safe. 

The attack deeply traumatized him and he lost one of the few things that gave him a sense of pride and belonging.

Please, make a shout out to this outrageous accident! The white man still didn’t receive any punishment for ruining life of the Black boy. THIS IS HELL!

#StayWoke #BlackChildrenMatter #WhitePrivilege

Every reblog that includes Martin MacDonald in it is another web page to help make sure that when you google Martin MacDonald’s name, it’s in connection with child abuse and racism.

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Daniel Radcliffe on set of Guns Akimbo

I’m glad these are in character, I saw them yesterday with no context and just figured he had snapped




okay but also can we talk about the episode where natasha was a vampire

and she 

ran into a mirror

because she couldn’t see her own reflection and just

knocked herself out

This is the best piece of vampire fiction I have ever laid eyes on



Republican children look like the delightful children from down the lane tbh


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this is the most unsettling episode of cutthroat kitchen i have ever seen


May 22 2018

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The flags of every U.S. state made out of their county lines.

Each state has a flag?????

Reading the last reply made me realize that some people have said the name “United States” their entire lives but not understood the literal description of the name and how it applies to how the government works.

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“I’m not really mentally ill, I’m just faking this.” - A mentally ill proverb

i said this to my therapist and she just looked at me and said “so do you think i went to clown school”









Recoil-operated’s $12 traditional mead:

So one of the most common things I see on my Mead posts is “I’d love to do that, but I don’t have the stuff”

We’ll sit down and buckle up. Because I’m about to show you how to make a $12.56 traditional mead.

Here’s the recipe:

1 gallon Deer Park/spring water. You don’t want distilled.

3 lb or 32 fluid ounces honey.

One package of yeast.

a party balloon.

The cost total is $13.49, but you only need one pack of yeast. So -$0.90.

Let’s begin:

Everything together on a clean work surface, you will need a clean glass. And while not entirely necessary, a measuring cup will be handy.

Pour a cup of water for yourself and drink it. Hydration is important. Also this will allow you headspace.

Remove about ehhhhh, a quart or so of water to drink later.

Trust me. You’re going to want it

Wash your drinking cup and mixing about a teaspoon of honey.

You have two options for yeast, that bread yeast we bought, or professional brewer’s yeast.

They’re both the same price. You can get brewers yeast off of Amazon.

I already have brewer’s yeast, so I’m using brewer’s yeast

Stick that in that honey water.

Stick your honey in some hot water.

Go outside. Breath the free air. Know what it is… To truely live.

Enough of that bitch. Honey’s hot. Put it in the water.

Put the water in the honey too.

Shake the sin out of it.

Put that stuff back in the big bitch.

Shake the sh*t outta it.

Hydrate yourself with the water you removed earlier.

Shank a balloon with a pin.

Add your yeasty honey water.

Balloon it.

Label it.

If your trad mead says anything racist, or anything positive about Hitler. Straighten that sh*t out.

And there you go. $12 (.56) traditional mead. Stick it somewhere dark and leave it alone for a while.

Shake the hell outta it once a day for the first four days. Then let it be until it’s clear.


Boozification has begun.

Lots of spices and herbs make for nice additions as well.

Good post.

Who the hell are you to tell your sentient trad mead what to think?

I’m it’s creator. I have deemed racism to be sin.

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elected officials think abandoning fire safety codes is a more reasonable solution to school shootings than gun control, so i guess satire is dead

Guns dont kill people, too many doors kill people.

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elected officials think abandoning fire safety codes is a more reasonable solution to school shootings than gun control, so i guess satire is dead

Guns dont kill people, too many doors kill people.

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I am, if you couldn’t guess, open to better suggestions

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The thing that gets me about this

The thing that really GETS ME GOING IS

Each sentence is so much wilder than the last

“A female russian hero” Yes good

“She would be riding a bear and duel-wielding AK47s” FUCK YES that’s some wild fucking shit

“Her ultimate would be for the bear to also pull out dual AK47s”




I feel like getting my college degree will be simultaneously a relief and extremely underwhelming

“fiiiinally,  i can add a sentence to my resumé“


night night, don't let the bed bugs


adopt capitalist ideals

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